ENC3930 Fandom Space

A Wikispace, Collaborative White Paper

In the Spring 2012 semester the Department of English offered an ENC 3930 course entitled "Introduction to Fandom Studies." The course considered several questions about fandom studies, but the primary and initial question was, "Is fandom studies a productive line of academic inquiry on its own, or is fandom studies merely a more specific form of studying cultural artifacts - is it, then, simply another name for cultural studies and hence more vulnerable to extinction?"

This question framed much of the discussion in class and as the class progressed, students found their own lines of inquiry, lines that are collected in this wikispace.

See the right index page for the areas of interest and each student's ruminations on and investigations of his/her own questions.

In the Fall 2013 semester the Department of English is offering an ENC 3930 course entitled "Fandom and New Media." The course will consider the intersection of media technologies, such as social media, and fandom interests. The primary questions of the course are, "What does fandom bring to the world? How does fandom work?"

Students will be expected to contribute fan productions and meta discussions throughout the semester. We will post to this space many of our observations.