How is pornography perceived in fandom?

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In all honesty, it depends on the fandom and the fan. In some fandoms such as, Crying Freeman or Hot Gimmick, where sex and nudity is part of the canon, this is seen as, "no big deal." In fandoms such as Hamtaro or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, anything remotely pornographic is generally seen as "disturbing." Just look at the picture to the side if have never heard of Pony Porn.

Popularity through Memes

If you have been on the internet for any extended length of time, you have most likely heard of Rule 34 from //The Rules of the Internet// meme, which states, "If it exists, there is porn of it." This is actually very accurate, especially in fandoms.

Many fans use the excuse of Rule 34 to create the most bizarre pornography of their characters. There was even a website created for Rule 34, amusingly named Rule 34itself. In all honesty, I would be very careful with exploring that website, when the say, "If it exists, there is porn of it." they mean it. "Holy fucking shit!" Takes on a whole new meaning under Rule 34.

Pornography in public places

In my own experience there has been a issue over the years with people posting pornography on inappropriate places, such sites with minors. This has apparently caught the attention of others and there has been a surge in "Anti-Smut Blogs", blogs who make it their goal to essentially publicly humiliate people into removing the pornography that they had posted. Of course there has been a back lash of hostility to the blogs, it isn't uncommon for them to receive hate mail and threats of death. Which just goes to show that fans take their porn very seriously.

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Pornography in role-play

For those who are unaware, role-play isn't all about sex. Despite what Google might say. Role-playing can be described as writing a play or story with another person, through the use of previously created characters.

Now, most role-players on the internet are minors, this where problems with pornography arise. Many of these minors want to engage in acts of virtual sex, which frankly disturbs many of the older role-players who are of age. This is perhaps the one area where fans are the most at odds. Those who want to see the pornographic role-plays fighting against those who claim that it is wrong.

Personally, I think everyone who wants sex should just go to the pornography role-play sites and stay there.

Child pornography

And then there is the issue with child pornography. Commonly referred to in such terms as "loli" and "shota" by fans, child pornography in fandom tends to be drawn art of children engaging in sexual acts. Unfortunately, most fans are unaware that the creation, distribution and possession of such things are highly illegal, at least in most First World countries.

The laws covering child pornography make very little distinction between a fan drawing featuring characters from Card Captor Sakura engaging in a sexual act and a photograph of a real child engaging in the same act. Fans would be well served to make sure they understand the laws of their country before having anything to do with it.

external image icann-approval-xxx-nears.n.jpgConclusion

Most fans don't care about pornography. They just don't, so long as someone isn't "shoving it in their face." Fans generally see pornography as part of their fandom, and accept it as such. While other fans use it to make their secret desires come to life.

Pornography isn't seen as "bad" or "wrong" so long as it as there is a fan who enjoys it.